FRP Seamless Cooling Tower Manufacturers India

Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is one of the premier manufacturers of FRP seamless cooling tower. These towers are of induced draft counter flow cooling towers with seamless FRP casing and basin. These light weight and tough cooling towers are best suited for the applications like plastic molding machines, extruders, perc machines, galvanizing plants, pipe plants, welding machines etc. These FRP Seamless cooling towers may be used for various temporary purposes such as exhibitions, testing or changeable sites.


We provide full service from Cooling Tower selection, design, operating / condition computation, manufacture, delivery and installation. We export our products across the world and we plan to setup an exclusive dealership at major countries. We assure to supply a world class solution equipment at competitive price with excellent quality performance on time delivery basis. We are looking forward to have a long term business relationship with our existing customers and new customers in India as well as overseas.

FRP Seamless Cooling Tower

We Design and Manufacture a comprehensive Seamless Cooling Tower here in India, our designing peoples concentrate much more to develop these kind of Seamless Cooling Systems as per our buyers requirement that have a single piece shell. There are no seems, panels, rivets or plenty of fasteners in this Seamless Cooling Towers and with no compromise of Quality, Competitive price and Elegant look. Contact us for more information on our Seamless Cooling Systems.

Components of FRP Cooling Tower

  • FRP Cooling Tower Casing
  • FRP Cooling Tower Fill
  • FRP Cooling Tower Nozzles
  • FRP Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator
  • FRP Cooling Tower Motor & Fan
  • FRP Cooling Tower Energy Fans
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FRP Cooling Tower Specifications

Capacity Ranges : 50 TR 60 TR 70 TR 80 TR 90 TR 100 TR 125 TR 150 TR 200 TR 250 TR 300 TR 400 TR 500 TR 1000 TR 4000 TR 5000 TR 6000 TR 8000 TR 10000 TR 20000 TR

Motor HP : From 1.0 to 20 HP & Weight and Sized will be as per our standards and customer requirements

  • Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester & resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in case of big cooling towers.

  • Uniform distribution of water over the honeycomb Fills is achieved by means of automatic water sprinkler. Specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made of PVC/aluminium alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearings to take care of thrust & radial loads. S.S. & Brass sprinklers are also provided at an extra cost.

  • Heat Transfer Equipements cast aluminium alloy fan is of aero dynamic designed axial flow type to achieve high efficiency. FRP fan set can also be supplied on request at extra cost.

  • CCS Drift eliminators, to reduce carry over losses through of moistures drop in the air stream. The individual drift eliminators of s-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layer to creat the structure.

  • PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.


Induced draft counterflow design provides the maximum efficiency than any other design.‚Äč Easy access to all the internal components of the cooling tower. Short lead and delivery time. Easy transport and low transport volume. Direct drive motors eliminate the need for gearboxes and thus reduce maintenance

  • Guide access to inner parts; giving simple support and fix.
  • FRP Cooling Towers can withstand erosion, to oppose water conceived microorganisms and living beings.
  • Light in weight and allows rooftop establishment without exceptional fortification of any sort.
  • Vertical Induced Draft Counter Flow configuration grants establishment toward any path
  • Expends less power due to less air protection from water.
  • A coordinates Driven Axial Fan guaranteeing the framework free from issues looked with Belt and Gear Drives. Accessible in different hues to coordinate tasteful necessities.

Material Selection for FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower

All specification for this model are same as that of round bottle shaped cooling towers, although the sprinkler are replaced by nozzles in this model. These fixed targeted nozzles are used in the hot water basin. They are specifically designed to deliver the required water distribution and are highly resistant against temperature and weathering damage. The use of target nozzles also eliminates the requirement for separate diffusion deck, which is otherwise required to provide complete water distribution throughout the fill area. These nozzles operate under gravity with utmost precision.

Applications of FRP Cooling Tower

Heat Transfer Equipments manufactured FRP Cooling Tower for All industrial applications. Particulary saying industries like, FRP cooling Tower for:

  • High Strength

  • Part Consolidation

  • Durability & Incombustible

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Low Maintenance

  • Minimum Drift Loss of Water

  • Applications of FRP Cooling Tower

    • Automobile Industries,
    • Cable Industries,
    • Casting Units,
    • Cement factory,
    • Chemical Industires
    • Dairy Industries,
    • Fertilizers Indusries,
    • Food Industries,
    • Hotels & Hospitals,
    • Paper Industries
    • Petrochemical Industries
    • Pharmaceutical units
    • Plastic Industries,
    • Refineries,
    • Rubber Industries,
    • Steel Plant & Rolling Plant,
    • Sugar Mills
    • Textile Mills
    • Spinning Mills,
    • Tyre Manufacturing units

    Nano Technology on FRP Cooling Tower : We are closly watching this technology and will be adapted for our existing clients as upgradation of FRP cooling tower.