FRP Square / Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

FRP Square Shape Cooling Tower works on the incited draft counter stream standard task. The fan makes air development vertically pulled upwards on pinnacle over the fills contrary to the water stream. Hot coursing water enters the water bay headers and showers through non obstructing PP splash spout. Water appropriation is even. Very much planned PVC Drift Eliminators are fitted to lessen Drift Losses. Square Fiber Cooling Towers are furnished with Inspection entryway for simple access for assessment and upkeep. The tower designs incorporates a static distribution setup, located above the fill media. Hot water form the application is circulated to the distribution header from which they are dispersed over the fill media by no. of non-clog static nozzles, fitted to the branch pipe of the main header. Water when forced ( 1 to 1.5 kg/scm) through the distribution setups is atomized and sprayed over the fill media. The fan that is coupled directly to the motor draws air across the fill media vertically and in the process takes away the heat from the water. Cold water is collected at the collection sump having the outlet connection through which cold water is circulated to the application. The spray losses are minimized by using adequate drift eliminators. The distinguishing features of our product are compact design Honey comb type PVC fills, with varying flute sizes, to provide maximum contact surface area and heat transfer surface per unit volume.


We provide full service from Cooling Tower selection, design, operating / condition computation, manufacture, delivery and installation. We export our products across the world and we plan to setup an exclusive dealership at major countries. We assure to supply a world class solution equipment at competitive price with excellent quality performance on time delivery basis. We are looking forward to have a long term business relationship with our existing customers and new customers in India as well as overseas.

FRP Square shape Cooling Tower

The FRP square type Cooling towers we offer have fixed targeted nozzles in the hot water basin. They are designed meticulously for water distribution and are highly resistant to temperature and weathering. The use of targeted nozzles eliminates the need for separate diffusion deck. These FRP square type cooling towers are preferred for minimum drift losses, easy accessibility of internal components, high thermodynamic efficiency and low power requirements. Easy to maintain, these FRP square type cooling towers can be installed on roof tops.

Specifications of FRP Square Shape Cooling Tower

    he Ranges are from 50 TR to 500 TR We welcome our client Specifications / request for the Square Shape FRP Cooling Tower. Send your requirement to get our best free quote
  • Water flow rate,
  • Hot water Inlet temperature,
  • Required cold water Outlet
  • temperature and
  • Wetbulb temperature
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  • Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester & resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in case of big cooling towers.

  • Uniform distribution of water over the honeycomb Fills is achieved by means of automatic water sprinkler. Specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made of PVC/aluminium alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearings to take care of thrust & radial loads. S.S. & Brass sprinklers are also provided at an extra cost.

  • Heat Transfer Equipements cast aluminium alloy fan is of aero dynamic designed axial flow type to achieve high efficiency. FRP fan set can also be supplied on request at extra cost.

  • CCS Drift eliminators, to reduce carry over losses through of moistures drop in the air stream. The individual drift eliminators of s-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layer to creat the structure.

  • PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.


Heat Transfer Equipments is engaged with manufacturing of FRP square shape cooling towers which are offered at reasonable costs. Requesting clients of Square Cooling Towers are diesel motor, process coolers, machine and cooling plants and D.G Set ect. The FRP square sort Cooling towers we offer have settled focused on spouts in the high temp water bowl. They are planned fastidiously for water circulation and are exceptionally impervious to temperature and weathering. The utilization of focused spouts wipes out the requirement for discrete dispersion deck. These FRP square sort cooling towers are favored for least float misfortunes, simple openness of inner segments, high thermodynamic effectiveness and low influence prerequisites. Simple to keep up, these FRP square shape cooling towers can be introduced on rooftop tops.

  • Casing, Basin, Fan deck and Fan stack in corrosion-resistant and fire-retardant FRP.
  • Hot dip galvanized supporting structural.
  • Fill material of PVC (max. temp. 50 Degree C).
  • High efficient axial Fan set cast in aluminum alloy.
  • Drift eliminators of PVC (drift percentage shall not exceed 0.05 of circulating water flow).
  • Water distribution system with GI/PVC pipe and PP nozzles

Material Selection for FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower

All specification for this model are same as that of round bottle shaped cooling towers, although the sprinkler are replaced by nozzles in this model. These fixed targeted nozzles are used in the hot water basin. They are specifically designed to deliver the required water distribution and are highly resistant against temperature and weathering damage. The use of target nozzles also eliminates the requirement for separate diffusion deck, which is otherwise required to provide complete water distribution throughout the fill area. These nozzles operate under gravity with utmost precision.

Highlights of FRP Square Shape Cooling Towers

  • Has solid cone square pattern (SCSP) nozzles to distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any dry pocket

  • Facilitates minimum drift loss because of fully covering drift eliminators

  • Low Maintenance

  • Optimized fan design for low power consumption, low noise & vibration

  • Benefits of FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Towers

  • Durable service Life

  • Minimum drift loss of water

  • Higher efficiency & Low Maintenance

  • No contamination due to dust

  • Compact design, corrosion resistant and lightweight

  • Piping cost negligible and suitable for small unit

  • Applications of FRP Cooling Tower

    • Aluminium die casting m/c
    • Air compressors
    • A/C plant & cold rooms
    • Blow moulding M/c
    • Chemical industries
    • Glass Manufacturing Plant
    • Industries heat process Oil refineries
    • Plastic injection moulding m/c & PVC pipes manufacturing plant
    • Soap / Cosmetic Manufacturing Industries
    • Steel factory and foundry
    • Dairy, Citrus and other food processing industries
    • Distilleries and Breweries plants
    • Diesel / Gas Gensets & Megawatt Projects
    • Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants